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Company Introduction

USA Seamans Coin

A world where everyone can achieve true values and actions

Seamans Ultra Coin

A true cyber-encryption global digital economy smart money, Seamans Coin, in which every player acts as a smart economy entity and operates an autonomous economy that distributes revenue corresponding to their level of participation and due diligence, Seamans Coin will autonomously connect the world.
Smart Port is a new land yet undefined, with plans to connect major ports around the world. Accordingly, Siemens Coin will provide a clear business concept and a new financial industry trend.

While expecting the world's best processing speed technology and the perfect security system of OT-OCN (Operational Technology Operation Centric Network), a key element of cloud technology that cannot be hacked at all, the maritime business platform guarantees freedom of imagination and dreams come true. As a digital currency that everyone can share in their valuable lives, it will become a decentralized coin that provides a safe and complete asset management system.

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CAT, Inc.
2150 Kittredge St, Berkeley, CA 94704

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