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Purpose of SEMANSCOIN issuance

Differences between regular coins and Siemens Coins

Coins in the future will be established as the same concept as stocks. Most of the general coins traded on the current coin exchange are classified as speculative coins, but Siemens Coin is a coin applied to the marine industry such as the global marine consumption market, ports, and trade with an annual value of $22 trillion. By securing assets of Siemens Coin, everyone around the world builds a financial ecosystem that does not go through the government, banks, or central institutions as a decentralized coin financial system. Various financial services such as payment, remittance, deposit, insurance, collateral, loan, investment, trade, etc. It is a differentiated digital currency that can use services.


Utilization of payment system

1) Integrated operation of On-line to Off-line & PR (Magazine) through SEAMANSCLUB

2) Open chain stores (other than alliances) in more than 5,000 ports around the world and build supply chains

Establishment of global marine industry D/B & R&D, big data, and marine information cloud service.

= Supply of ship supplies, ship oil, agents and ports, marine tourism and leisure, travel, etc., related industries.
- World Logistics Distribution-Seafood (New Zealand tuna, Chilean seafood, fruits, cheese, etc.) business.
- Siemens Club magazine business, used ship trading, marine business such as yachts and cargo charters.
= Activation of World Oceans Duty Free Shop, Finance, Simen Pay. Card, and Ship Insurance.
= Education and Recruit, Seaman's Club Members' Welfare Business Medical.

3) Global platform system in addition to global maritime services
consumption market dominance.

SEAMANSCOINCAT joint project


As a coin that can be widely applied to the global marine ecosystem market worth 2,600 trillion won, we developed a cryptocurrency with the world's best security technology in the OT-OCN Blockchain that cannot be hacked together with Bruskava, the founder of industrial JAVA, to develop the SEAMANSCLUB worldwide platform.
It is linked to the business area and plans to link additional financial systems such as Seaman Pay in the future.

Technology Partners
The strength of SEAMANSCOIN

1) Siemens Club's exclusive content platform for the world's largest marine market.
2) New CAT security technology in the security part, the life of the coin.
3) Siemens Club's independent network by developing Simen Coin mainnet

system to be built.
4) World fame in the IT field of Bruce khabar, president of the United States.
5) Bitcoin transaction environment 8 transactions per second & Ethereum transaction environment 11-12 transactions per second, but Siemens Coin is a next-generation technology
15 million transactions per second in OT-OCN transaction environment.
6) Applying Siemens Coin to the huge marine market,

Cryptocurrency pricing.
7) Licensing the OT-OCN technology of CAT of the United States to use a non-hackable web browser and app.
8) Information Matrix exposure to public broadcasting, IR activity on Youtube, etc.
9) Participating in CES Show and promoting activities.
10) Establishment of a worldwide payment system by linking SEAMANS PAY.

Bruce Khavar
(JAVA Developer)

- It has been standardizing with over 50 multinational companies such as Sun Micro, IBM, HP, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Tokyo Electric Power, GM, BP, and Ford, and applied Java to manufacturing industries in the United States, Germany, and Japan.
- Founded the java Committee and was a key member.
- Solutions with Bruce technology applied
* Application of Java to industrial sales with Siemens, Sun Micro, etc.
* The e-Gastation installed at BP Petroleum
* Intelligent building and Smart Grid implemented for Tokyo Electric Power and energy saving
* Various Ubiquitous solutions jointly developed with Mitsubishi

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