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Changes in the Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency + Stock = Block-Chain-Based Stock Coin

Numerous coins, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which applied block chain technology for epochal changes in the financial system, appeared, and in this era, coins have been reduced to speculative products. In the future-oriented direction, the coin is the stock representing the company and
The price should be evaluated based on the same concept, and it should be evaluated as a stock (coin) of the company, not a speculative product, and move forward to a new coin in the future financial market with a stable transaction and stable price.


New Exchange

Cryptocurrency + Stock Exchange:

You can trade stock coins of companies trusted by companies, financial statements, and other verified companies.

Coin Exchange (Cryptocurrency)


Stock exchange (stocks, futures, etc.)

of Stock Coins
Application range

SMPay used as exchange cash, quarterly shareholder dividend, transferable/acquisition possible, seeking change in blockchain-based global payment system

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